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Dec 1, 2023

Explore the intricacies of debugging with Arduino in this three-part seminar featuring Nino Vidovic from SEGGER, a renowned embedded developer. Covering general debugging concepts, specifics with Arduino, and insights into embedded studio debugging, the discussion spans crucial aspects for developers. Mike provides convenient links for accessing mentioned software tools and hardware. Nino breaks down the evolution of debug probes, introduces alternatives like Serial Wire Debug, and delves into the challenges faced by silicon vendors in maintaining compatibility. Gain valuable insights into debugging's nuances in this concise podcast series.


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1) Educational program: 

2) Arduino SEGGER Wiki guide:

3) J-Link overview:


5) Ozone:

6) Embedded Studio:

7) Embedded Software:

8) Converter guide:

9) Download link J-Link:

10) J-Trace:

11) Wiki general information about tracing:

12) SEGGER adapter overview:

13) 9 pin adapter:

14) MKR adapter:

15) J-Link supported devices:

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This Arduino lesson was created by Programming Electronics Academy.  We are an online education company that seeks to help people learn about electronics and programming through the ubiquitous Arduino development board.

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